Community Bonding Period: Week 1

Scrum Master, Tax forms and Examinations!

Posted by Shreyans on Sunday, May 1, 2016


I guess it's finally sunk in that I've made it to GSoC '16. I still remember those weeks where I'd be stuck with solving bugs, doubting myself immensely and wondering if I could even make it. But I finally did :smiley:

Having known everyone in the community and contributed consistently for over 3 months at OpenMRS, the community bonding period is somewhat of a breather. I had a short skype call with my mentor, Maimoona and we discussed certain changes to be made in the proposal. The primary change that had to be made was shifting the UI related work into coding phase 1 and shiting the HFE related work into coding phase 2.

I was the Scrum Master this week, owing to the fact that @maany was away. Leading scrum is always a great experience but it's kind of scary too because you have to be really careful not to mess up names, dates and times.

I also completed all the payment formalities such as Payoneer registration and Tax Form submission for payment. I guess it was about time I was done with that. The GSoC student group notifications on Gmail cleared a lot of the doubts so I'm actually glad I registered a tad bit late.

That's about it! I finally ported my blog to Jekyll, which is pretty great. I still have to get the 'Code' section of my website done. I have my practical examinations coming up this week and then my final semester end theory exams, so there's a lot of academic pressure as well. I tentatively setup a meeting on the 4th of May to discuss UI related aspects of my project with the rest of the community members. Am looking forward to that meeting so that I can get a clear idea as to what is required and how I have to progress.