Community Bonding Period: Week 2

Design Forum Discussion, Exams

Posted by Shreyans on Sunday, May 8, 2016


Project Update

This week, My mentors and I primarily focused on finalizing the tools, frameworks and libraries to be used in the project. We were pretty hung up about using Angular because it has a learning curve attached to itself and we simply don’t have the time to experiment.

We had the Design Forum on the 4th of May where we had an indepth discussion with Burke and Darius regarding the project. We received some valuable suggestions and pointers such as:

  • Design the module so that Dynamic Cohorts can be supported in the future
  • Rewrite the code for the complete UI
  • Make the UI in a separate module, preferably as an Open Web App

We are still to make a final decision on as to how to proceed. A detailed post with my views and well as Darius’ views can be found on the offical Cohort Module Enhancements page on OpenMRS talk. Darius says that the best way to implement the aforementioned UI would be through Open Web Apps. We had initially thought of integrating the UI as it is into the module, using Spring MVC controllers handling the backend (as the are already doing so).

If we were to proceed with the Open Web Apps path, that would mean that a lot of our functionality would have to rely on REST. There are a few other points here and there but I am still to discuss the same with my mentor.

I finally completed the ticket RA-1089 I had been working on for over a month. It involved implementing a way to delete a patient in the Reference Application. @jmpango had been really keen on using this feature in his OpenMRS distro.After a lot of deliberation and wait, @wluyima finally merged my code. It feels awesome looking at the purple ‘Merged’ badge on the Pull Request :smile:

My semester end exams have already started and are in progress as I write this. I’ve mostly been busy studying, playing the guitar and watching an extremely interesting Televion Series called ‘Fargo’ for blowing off some steam. That’s about it!