Community Bonding Period: Week 3

RA-1089, Exams in progress

Posted by Shreyans on Sunday, May 15, 2016


This week I’ve mainly been bust studying for my semester end examinations. I haven’t had much discussion with the mentors. We just had a short chat on the setup of the OWA dev environment. Not quite sure whether we should go ahead with it or stick to the old module format. Hope to sort out and finalize everything next week.

I finally completed the ticket RA-1089 I had been working on for over a month. It involved implementing a way to delete a patient in the Reference Application. @jmpango had been really keen on using this feature in his OpenMRS distro.After a lot of deliberation and wait, @wluyima finally merged my code. It feels awesome looking at the purple ‘Merged’ badge on the Pull Request :smile:

That’s it for this week!