Community Bonding Period: Week 4

Final week of exams, Re-installed OS and dev setup

Posted by Shreyans on Sunday, May 22, 2016


The final week before I get to work! Whew. I’ve mostly been busy with exams this week. I finally got myself a clean install of Windows-10 and Linux Mint in dual boot. About time! I’ll be done with my last exam on the 24th and will be flying home that very night.

I’ll have to setup the development environment again and I’ll do that once I get home to some really fast internet. All that needs to be done is to cache the maven dependecies for core and re-install the OpenMRS-SDK. That would really ease out development for me since UI generation is dynamic and really cool.

I also intend to get in touch with my mentors again and just inform them that I’ve started working on the project as expected. We finally decided to go ahead with the module approach for development instead of the Open Web App. I guess Maimoona and Sharon are also pretty experienced with the module approach and would be able to guide me more effectively.

Off to prepare for my Microprocessor exam on Tuesday. Until next week!