GSoC Week 1

Where are all the resources?!

Posted by Shreyans on Tuesday, May 31, 2016


And so it’s started! I flew back home on Tuesday this week. All the preparations had been made including super fast internet, midnight snacks for coding and what not. The primary objective this week was to start creating a skeleton for the new UI and incorporate bootstrap and the other new dependencies.

For nearly two days, I had been struggling to locate the folder in which the resources show up on the webserver. Finally, after looking at a few older modules in OpenMRS I was able to locate it. I wired up Bootstrap, Font-awesome and jQuery into the resources and created a template for the new pages. This template would be used everytime a new page will be created.

I spent quite some time researching the design of the homepage for the module. Finally came up with something of my own. Next week, I’ll be working on completing the cohort dashboard. Here’s a screenshot of the new UI!


The Cohort Module repository is maitained by the OpenSRP github account and here’s the commit for week 1.