GSoC Week 3

Setting up the search functionality

Posted by Shreyans on Tuesday, June 14, 2016


This week, I implemented the Cohort Search and Patient Search functionality.

What the Patient Search does, essentially, is that it allows us to take in several parameters for patients such as name, location, cohort name and the like and it returns a list of patients matching these parameters.

Here is a screenshot

Patient Search

Similarly with Cohort Search, we take in a list of parameters, perform a query and return all the cohorts from the database that match the given parameters.

Cohort Search

A challenge I faced this week was implementing a dynamic dropdown that would update it’s data every time a new character was entered into the input. As you can see in the Patient Search screenshot, there is a patient name dropdown there. I implemented the box in such a way that everytime a new character is entered, an AJAX call is made that returns all the patient names matching the search string entered and shows them in the dropdown. It took me over 2 days to get this and the Age bar slider right but I finally managed :smile: