Midterms and the weeks after

Week 5 and Week 6, Completing the UI

Posted by Shreyans on Monday, July 4, 2016


It’s been a while since my last blog update. All this while, I had been coding, exploring new music and most of all, shredding away to glory on my new, super slick Ibanez Electric Guitar. I also ended up buying a bunch of stuff like a new pair of Nike’s for Mom, a cool new backpack and studio headphones to play my guitar through. It’s been…pretty awesome :laughing:

what image shows :sparkles: :fire: :blue_heart: :v: soz

As for the project update, I’ve nearly completed around 85% of the UI. What remains is the UI pertaining to the HFE part which will be dealt with in the weeks to come. In redoing the UI, I realized that there were 3 major categories that pages were segregated into. Add, Edit and Manage. So what I did was create 3 separate CSS files for these, setup some common styling and templates and then simply move the relevant code into these predefined templates I had created.

This really saved me a lot of time and effort. Plus, it becomes really easy to manage these pages in the future. Here are a few screenshots of the pages:

Add Page Example

Edit Page Example

Manage Page Example

I also somewhat redid the dashboard and other parts. I’ve tried to keep the UI pretty simple and minimalistic. I still have to write the controllers and logic for the Patient and Cohort Search so there’s that. I think the best way to proceed would be to complete HFE and then move back to the UI issues remaining at the end.

That’s it for these 2 weeks. I’ll be having a meeting with my mentor soon to discuss how to move forward with the HFE phase. The coming week is also my last week at home so I’m really bummed out that I have to leave soon though I am looking forward to meeting my friends and start the new semester with a renewed perspective and vigour :smile: