Stagnant work and them blues

Week 7, 8 and College

Posted by Shreyans on Sunday, July 17, 2016


So I finally moved back to college. It was pretty hard leaving the comfort of home, all the great food, weekly movies and what not. I often get the blues here. Sometimes I miss home and otherwise I ponder upon the insecurities of life :no_mouth:

Project wise, I haven’t accomplished much. Work’s been pretty stagnant. We did have a new release though where I finally did the UI of the dashboard which was mutually agreed upon. A few changes in controllers and views here and there. Here’s a picture of the revamped dashboard

Cohort Dashboard

I got around to completing the ‘Work’ of my website which is my portfolio. Do check it out. Took me a lot of effort :sweat_smile:

I’ll be having a meeting with my mentors on Monday to discuss the HFE section in detail. Unfortunately there wasn’t a mutually agreed upon time last week and we couldn’t meet up. That’s about it for the last 2 weeks.