GSoC Week 9

Bugs in the UI, HFE meet

Posted by Shreyans on Sunday, July 24, 2016


I had a discussion with my mentor regarding the HFE part of the module. What we basically have to do is copy a lot of patient centric code from the original HTML Form Entry module and modify it accordingly for cohorts. We’ve also decided to scrap visits as of now and only focus on Encounters and Observations.

My mentor evaluated the new UI in the module. I received a positive feedback and there were just a few minor bugs here and there that needed to be fixed. One example was the textarea HTML tag not having the value attribute. This was the reason the description section never showed up on the ‘Edit’ pages. There are also a few issues where details entered vanish on a wrong entry. The corresponding data entered by the user needs to be added in the POST section of the controller as well.

That’s about it. I’ll be receiving a copy of the tags to work on by my mentor. Till then, I’m working on refining the UI. I also happened to come back home for the weekend. The weekends pass so soon and in no time, I’ll be back in the rut and routine of college. But well, I guess that’s how like is!