GSoC Week 11

When your code gets reviewed and GitHub spams your inbox with bug notifications

Posted by Shreyans on Thursday, August 11, 2016


This week, Maimoona and her QA team reviewed the module quite throughly. For the next two days, my inbox was flooded with issues being added to the issue tracker of our module. From tiny UI bugs to validation errors, they reviewed it. However, a lot of the bugs are a result of the code Sharon wrote in a hurry last year and it all comes down upon me to solve them (Not that I don’t enjoy squashing them though! :wink:)

That spammed inbox tho

The list of issues brought up can be found here. I’ve added the resolved tag to those that I’ve fixed as of now. I’ve honestly lost track of the number of bugs I’ve fixed this week (thanks to the late blog post ugh).

Let’s go haul some bricks at their houses shall we?

The primary milestone of sorts I accomplished this week was adding the Edit functionality for Cohorts and Metadata. The views for all these pages existed but when I saw the code in the Controllers, there was none that handled the updated data and stored it! I brought this to the team’s attention and fixed it over the week.

Also, tons of other UI bugs. Fixed the annoying navbar overlapping by a media query and a fixed the Start Date < End Date validation problem. Working with validators is pretty cool!

That’s about it on what we achieved this week. Oh, watching Suicide Squad in IMAX 3D while seated in the first row was freaking amazing! :laughing: