Post GSoC and Life

Life after GSoC, Hack InOut 3.0, iRackBot, CapSnap and getting down to business

Posted by Shreyans on Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Man I have procrastinated forever to write this blog post. I feel kinda bad writing this after it’s been over two weeks since I got the GSoC payments and passed the program successfully. The last few weeks were good. I helped with whatever bug fixing I could, completed the documentation visible over just for keeps. Everything ended well, thanks to a lot of effort put in by the QA testing team and myself in the last few weeks.

During the last week of GSoC, when most of my work was already done, I attended InOut, one of India’s premier hackathons and made this cool project called Zaplan which conjours up a day plan for you when you’re bored and alone (which is me for the most part when I’m at home away from college and am not coding lol).

A few pictures from the Hackathon

Midnight Coding Scenes

After the hackathon, I started preparing for my (dreaded) assessment exams. Well now that the marks are out, it seems I didn’t do as bad I thought I did :smile:

Soon after, I got down to make IrackBot, something I had thought of making during GSoC itself. It’s a bot that helps communicate between IRC and Slack channels, while keeping all communication public. Built for Open Source communication, I pitched it on OpenMRS Talk here and was received warmly. The coolest part is that I contacted Slack and told them about my project. The absolutely loved it and they listed it up on their official Slack Community webpage! You can see it listed 4th on the page

A screenshot showing the Slack IRC bot in action

Soon after this, I got down to making another one of my projects called CapSnap which helps you remove captions off Snapchat images. I used Python and OpenCV to build this tool and using a combination of Contrast Enhancement, Binary Thresholding, Hough Line Transform and Inpainting, I was able to achieve this!


Well besides all of this cool stuff, I also made quite a few updates to my work section and the blog homepage too. Seems much more cleaner and professional now :simple-smile:

Among other things, I applied to loads of Bay Area companies for summer internships. It’s a dream to intern there and I really, really hope I make it. One day man. One day :sweat:. I’m also applying to some research internships this year. Probably will end up choosing the best in the end.

I’ve started off with some competitive programming and interview prep. Spoj and EPI the book. Mehh that’s all I can think of. I have an interview for my winter internship tomorrow morning so that’s it for now!